State of the Projects: August 2021

What’s new?


  • I’ve been juggling purchasing for a while, rather than coding. Suddenly have even more appreciation for admin staff. It’s amazing how many obstacles and fees there are for the kind of work we do - banks don’t lift limits until 30, 90, or 365 days after opening an account. Taxes and import fees for other countries are absolutely bonkers, like they’re deliberately trying to stifle businesses and innovation.

  • Dropped the M17 presentation I was going to give. I wasn’t ready in time - at least not with something I thought was worth presenting.

  • I did the M17 hardware mod for my MD-380. Still need to do it for the MD-UV380.

  • Got the TNC3 flashed and tried it out, but had no luck - may have got bit by a bug that WX9O has since fixed, will revisit soon, if not today.

  • Have the SDR tx and rx working and will have some posts about that up shortly.


  • Pushed 0.9.0 to the main server. First version with codeplug support.


There’s always something! We did a bunch around the house fixing it up a bit, got into sailing.

I spent some money on test equipment separate from M17 and found some screaming deals - like an active GPS splitter, some mini-circuits bits, an old rack-mount OCXO that I can use as a 10MHz distribution amplifier too, that sort of thing.

I alos purchased some used windsurfing equipment because wind powered stuff is incredibly fascinating.

My best friend is getting married soon, congrats!

I’ve mostly stopped practicing german and guitar - which needs to change. I have some italki credits I’ve been swearing to use for months (years?) now and it’s getting to be more embarassing than using them could ever possibly be.