Building a TR-9

M17 (the project) have designed a radio called the TR-9 that speaks M17 (the protocol).

Only SP5WWP has built one so far, and he’s getting all the fun software development so I have to catch up and build one too so he can’t hog the fun parts.

I’ve been videoing the build process (Youtube).

It’s slow going, especially in the first video, where the first thing I do is figure out how to solder with a new hot air rework station.

Later things speed up, but I’m not placing all components and then soldering because I still blow parts off the board once in a while, and I don’t have enough spare parts.

The whole thing’s a calming experience - music blaring on, with nothing else to do but make as few mistakes as possible and worry about how much lead my body is absorbing.

SP5WWP got his coworker to build his TR-9 for him. I suspect blackmail.