I need your stars! (DMR.Tools)

Hi everyone! I made and maintain https://dmr.tools/ and would like your feedback on it, especially if you’ve been using it over the years, and your stars on the github source

Right now it’s limited to the TYT handhelds, and I think most people that have used it use it mostly for flashing firmware updates to switch between OpenRTX and the OEM firmwares.

There’s a lot more that could be done.

(These links below are the same as linked above for ‘feedback’ and ‘github source’.)

I made a quick 6-question survey https://forms.gle/5Paw6M6Mn1iEUcYh6 and I’d be grateful if you’d fill it out! (alternatively email me directly at feedback [at] tarxvf dot tech )

And if you like it, the (AGPLv3) source is over at https://github.com/tarxvftech/programradios, please star the repo! Stars will help me articulate traction so I can sign up on opencollective to try to get funding - I need 100 stars to be accepted. 😁

I’d like to make it massively more capable - I have a backlog of dreams a mile long - and priorities include work with OpenRTX to develop some standardized codeplug tools and formats, support all the OpenRTX flash targets possible, find a way to pull in or convert Chirp drivers, and package it into a desktop app or otherwise find a way to support all the non-WebUSB platforms - like a USB-over-websockets shim you could run on your pim17 hotspot or a local backend to which the UI provides instructions (which would prevent the latency, bandwidth, and Lovecraftian horror issues USB over websockets might imply).