Yaesu FTM-300 and Module17

Yaesu’s FTM-300 mobile VHF/UHF radio has a bug related to decoding digital data from the data port in the back.

Module17 is only playing M17 audio when the FTM300 selected VFO is the other option, regardless of the Data Band Select->Data option which appears to only prevent decoding but not function as expected.

It does not support decoding VFO A when A is selected, or VFO B when B is selected, under any option (including “Main” and the A/“B-Band fix” options like you would expect). But as long as you have B-fix selected and have VFO A selected, it works fine which is good enough for me for now I guess. Reading the manual this seems to be a bug in the FTM300 firmware.

No indications if the firmware on the Yaesu website is an update or not. Windows-only for update, which means I can’t do it until I get home to the beefy computers anyway.

I’m sick of this proprietary nonsense. I could fix this.

Module17 is cool though. 😁