License comparison

One of the beta testers for my FCC itinerant business radio licensing guide pointed out that the equivalent license through BuyTwoWayRadios would have cost $1600.

Holy smokes.

Now it’s not really a fair comparison - BuyTwoWayRadios is a different part of the market. It’s for people who just want a couple radios and a single frequency that don’t want to get too fancy with digital radios or encryption. And very few people would have gone to BuyTwoWayRadios for that kind of license, they’d probably do something a little more bespoke and high-touch sales.

But, I still thought that was neat. That means, pretending the people who’ve used my guide would have still licensed for 16 frequencies through BuyTwoWayRadios, I’ve hypothetically created (or destroyed?) more than $50,000.

Absolutely bonkers.

Apparently I can save you money while delivering a better business itinerant radio license, and I don’t even have to compete on price.