It’s 2023, Oct 2nd.

VMware is getting acquired by Broadcom. VMW is my day job.

I don’t yet know what that means for me, but I’ll know in about a month.

Rumors, worries, and a total lack of information are flying around. Will this SBU be spun off? How will Broadcom handle remote workers?

We’ve had this going on for some time now, so it’s not too stressful anymore, but it is a nice reminder to not stagnate.

I went on a road trip this summer, driving across the country.

Actually, as I write this I’m only halfway done. I stopped in Utah and started learning to paraglide.

Utah is the paragliding mecca of the USA - extremely consistent weather and two very nice ridges mean you can often fly in the morning at South Side Point of the Mountain, and then later in the evening fly at North Side. Both are state parks. South has some camping.

It’s beautiful. There’s nothing like it, and I grew up with dreams that are almost an exact match for what I’m now starting to take for granted: running into the air, sitting back, and enjoying completely unpowered flight for hours at a time. Well, wind powered I suppose.

Paragliding has ratings - P2 is the earliest you can fly on your own. P3 is required for most mountain sites and pretty much all of my home New England.

Well, I got P2, figured I might as well keep going, and am now most of the way to P3. I’ve bought a harness and wing. Now I’m considering an SIV course.

But back to the bit about not stagnating.

This road trip, and learning to paraglide, has been a huge change for me. I fell into a rut, and wasn’t even having fun. This broke me out of it.

I like it. I want more of it. I’m going skydiving on Wednesday.

Update: It’s Wednesday.

Update: It was awesome!

Oh, and if you know a team that’s hiring someone, please get in contact. I’m looking and I know several world-class people that are looking too. Most have software, DevOps, and infrastructure experience.

I mention their skills, but these are people who are smart enough their current skills don’t matter - you want to hire them anyway. They identify and solve problems in any domain, are a credit to your company when you put them in front of customers, and learn faster than you will readily believe.

Email: hire [at] tarxvf _ dot _ tech.