PD362 Cable diagram.

I discovered the hard way that the cable for Hytera PD362s from BlueMax49ers was not correctly made on multiple levels. (Written early June 2023)

I acquired some PD362s. Hytera, in their wisdom, used an excellent and well-proven connector to allow easy charging and programming - the extremely micro USB. They also managed to make it so you need a custom cable to program these radios by making it speak TTL serial over what would normally be USB D- and D+. Amazing.

BlueMax49ers makes excellent cables, for much more reasonable prices than you normally get, and even offers support and serial chips that won’t be blocked for being non-genuine on Windows. But even still I managed to run into this set of problems.

First, the plastic around the micro ‘usb’ side was way too large and I had to trim it with a knife.

Second, it didn’t work - because the USB wire it was made with had the wrong pinout - white wire was connected to pin 4 instead of pin 2, meaning there was no actual serial connection (yes I know! Hytera!) to the radio.

Finally, after replacing the ‘usb’ side of the adapter entirely with a known-good cable, the pinout to the serial side was reversed. This may be me remembering it incorrectly. I know the labels and colors when it arrived matched what I found on radioreference, which appears to be accurate to what I have here. Disregard this last one!

The fully working known-good wiring is documented at https://github.com/tarxvftech/cables which generates https://tarxvftech.github.io/cables/ .

I’ve updated BlueMax49ers with the correct wiring and hopefully they can fix this issue. :)

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