State of the Projects February 2022

Happy Valentine’s day! I didn’t get you anything.

Unless you want to try the software I wrote for DCS World..

In other news:

  • I did some consulting!

  • I found employment at something approaching a dream job! I’ll make enough to get serious with italki.

  • I’ve started PiM17, a Linux distribution focused on M17 tools for Raspberry Pis and MMDVM modems.

  • I made some big improvements for OpenRTX

  • I released the source for DMR.Tools

  • I started a ham-radio focused email service called QSO.Email, which is in private beta right now while I develop the billing features and write applications for it. I like some of the features enough that I’m going to make another version without the ham radio focus and drink my own champagne for some of my domains.

  • I patched goestools (weather satellite decoding tools) for modern Arch linux and Proj.

  • I made huge improvements to PyM17, including real time voice transcription and synthesis, a full reflector implementation, and more.

  • I experimented with rtl-airband hooked up to the transcription service used above. It performs very poorly on my local police channels, which I believe is because of the FM noise, subaudible tones, and especially the special vocabulary. So that’s a bust for now.

  • I bought an open source guitar pedal! I still suck at guitar though. Maybe another pedal will help?

  • M17 went to hamcation, but I didn’t. I regret that, I’ll be there next year. You will find me at NEARFest though.