FCC Part 90 Itinerant License Guide

This is a guide that demystifies the FCC application process for mobile radio operations in the United States that aren’t limited to a particular area (“Itinerant”, meaning “wandering”).

More than forty US businesses have successfully received their Part 90 itinerant license by following this guide, allowing them to use commercial radios with encryption throughout the United States.

This guide is proven, with no denials of any applicants using my guide. (And if you make a mistake, FCC will return your application and tell you what’s missing - so far, it’s always about articulating eligibility under Part 90, so make sure to follow the instructions in the guide!).

I’ll charge you $49 for the guide, which includes details about choosing radios and other aspects of setting up a radio system.

The FCC, when you file your application, will charge you $170. They are restructuring their fees so this may increase soon, so apply sooner rather than later.

(Expect 24-72 hours for delivery because delivery isn’t automated yet.)

Eligibility, Estimated costs and timeline

(1) The operation of a commercial activity;
(2) The operation of educational, philanthropic, or ecclesiastical institutions;
(3) Clergy activities; or
(4) The operation of hospitals, clinics, or medical associations.

Part 90.35 of the FCC rules covers a few eligible groups, but if you’re reading this you’re probably looking for a business license. You can be a sole proprietor, an LLC or any other business entity, but you have to articulate a commercial endeavour to qualify for an FCC Part 90 business license.

If you’re not sure, email me before you buy the guide (mike at tarxvf dot tech) and we’ll figure it out.

Expect the FCC to approve your application no sooner than three months after submission.

If you’re in a rush, there’s a process for legally using your radios prior to license approval under certain conditions, which are detailed in the guide. If you’re REALLY in a rush, email me immediately.

Once you buy the guide and learn how to apply for your own license, your only ongoing cost is the FCC renewal fees every 10 years - this guide represents a permanent savings in your radio licensing budget compared to paying an external company to renew for you.

No risk

If you have any trouble with the application, I’ll personally guide you through it until you’re successfully licensed - or return the cost of the guide if you’re not happy with it.