New TYT MD-UV380 with M17 mod

This listing is for a dual band (2m/70cm) TYT MD-UV380 with the M17 mod applied. Availability is subject to upstream stock.


Orders are currently closed. Email support [at] tarxvf [dot] tech to get on the waitlist.

There are (around) ten people on the waitlist depending on how and who you count.

  • 7 domestic (only barrier is making time to mod the radios)
  • 3 international (can’t do right now)
  • 2 for the water resistant version (don’t yet know if the radio will still be water resistant after mod)

EU purchasers, please contact MichaƂ (Poland) at “michal.kern [at] disroot [dot] org” for all your modding needs.

US purchasers, you can also contact KQ4CHI at “kq4chi.mods [at] gmail [dot] com”. I believe he is most interested in modding radios you provide.


Dear reader, if you can do these modifications, please consider offering your services for your fellow hams.

If you mod radios or sell radios that support M17, I will happily list you here!

The modification itself is a one-time experimental modification that enables the transmission and reception of the M17 digital protocol when using the OpenRTX replacement firmware. The only side effect with normal TYT firmware is that the VOX feature may be held open at some sensitivity levels.

Please understand that M17 support is experimental, currently in development, and comes with no guarantees. This hardware modification voids any extant warranties on your radio.

If after this service you experience any issues, I will be happy to troubleshoot the radio with you, but cannot provide any guarantees beyond the assurance that I only send fully working radios that meet the best functionality tests available.

Due to the extremely delicate nature of the modification, please be extraordinarily careful opening up the radio yourself. I do pot the most delicate sections with hot glue to protect them, and the glue itself is easy to remove with some fine tweezers if necessary.