I was a developer on md380tools, and my first claim to fame was reversing and writing the firmware upload functionality to support updating the software from Linux, without a Windows machine. This let us use the original manufacturer’s codeplug programming software in Wine. I emailed Travis that first patch and he added me as a contributor to the Github repo.

Later, I added support in the experimental firmware for fully automatic firmware upgrades, reversed the GPS data structure the original firmware keeps in memory, wrote a little gpsd driver using the radio over USB, wrote the only open source arbitrary precision Maidenhead calculator in a “common” language, and semi-finished a Chirp driver (to pair with my now-unmaintained Chirp fork that supports DMR) (but is only intended for software developers - not user friendly).

I also experimented (briefly) with adding native DMR-APRS functionality and Codec2, but stopped for my own reasons around the same time most MD380 development slowed down after DF8AV went SK.

MD380tools is now essentially defunct from a lack of developer time. It can’t run on new MD380 radios without some significant work because of changes by the manufacturer, which would have to be reverse engineered again.

Now that I’ve deleted my old Github account, you can find my md380tools fork at my host.